Melbourne Summer Cycle 2011

A calm, cooling and sunny day. A perfect start to the summer / autumn adventure of cycling. My mate, Sam and I took off on our bikes early for the Melbourne Summer Cycle 2011, a charity ride event organised in conjunction with raising funds and support for people living with multiple sclerosis.

This is usually the first ride event of the year which Sam and I take it as a short major ride event. The ride goes for just 40 km, just short and sweet for a charity ride. However, we still feel that this is a good exercise tour for us to begin training hard for upcoming cycling events this year.

The weather was just perfect and we made an early start at about 7.30 am. It took ages for us to ride out from the heart of the city until Port Melbourne.

More pictures to arrive as I am still digging in my collection. The one thing I love about riding is the expression of freedom, determination and appreciation for what we have in life. No matter where you ride in Melbourne, there’s always mother nature’s beauty to appreciate.

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