Sitecore ContentHub for Administrator Certification Tips

I was extremely happy to have passed this certification recently before Christmas.

As for those who are new to Sitecore ContentHub, this platform provides digital capabilities such as a digital asset management (DAM) system and a content marketing platform (CMP) for content authors to take control of the entire content creation process lifecyle and enforce a standard governance that aligns to their organisational needs.

The recent Sitecore for Administrator for ContentHub certification was certainly no easy feat.

In this post, I will share with you useful tips which got me in the right trajectory to pass this certification. This assumes that you have had no prior experience in using the platform and starting from bear scratch.

For newbies who have no experience with using the platform nor have even seen what this platform is all about, I recommend going through the Sitecore ContentHub 4 collection which contains the following content:

  • Approximately 10h total learning time
  • 12-month subscription
  • On-demand, anytime, anywhere
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Sandbox practices
  • Knowledge Checks

The collection contains the following five areas:

  • Utilizing Content Hub DAM (3h)
  • Administering Content Hub DAM (2h30m)
  • Developing on Content Hub DAM (2h30m)
  • Utilizing and Administering Content Hub MRM (2h)
  • Utilizing and Administering Content Hub CMP (2h)

and can be accessed here:


You must have a Sitecore Content Hub 4 sandbox setup where you can login and start applying practical exercises to your learnings. This is an absolute must which greatly helped my memorisation and understanding of key learnings along the way.


The guide talks you through the competencies which will be directly tested in the exam.

  • Competency 1: Schema Design 
  • Competency 2: UI Configuration: Search Component and Mass Edit 
  • Competency 3: Branding and Theme, Custom Home Pages 
  • Competency 4: Media Processing 
  • Competency 5: Digital Rights Management 
  • Competency 6: Data Import and Export 
  • Competency 7: Security: Basic and Advanced 
  • Competency 8: Reporting 
  • Competency 9: Enterprise Domain Model: Schema and Metadata Management 
  • Competency 10: UI and Advanced Pages 
  • Competency 11: Entity Printing 
  • Competency 12: Create and Configure a New Workflow 

Study guide: Complete the study guide collection located at Sitecore Content Hub Administrator Certification.

Each competency area provides links to the official documentation that will aid your study and preparation.


Get yourself access to a ContentHub Sandbox. I cannot stress this further. You may contact your Sitecore Sales Representative to obtain and provision access to you. Ensure that you have sufficient licensed features assigned to your sandbox in order for you to experiment on concepts across all of the competency areas. The particular one that stood out for me is Competency 9 that covers domain modeling basics, extending and managing your schema – as this will cover alot of ground concepts in metadata and content management. In this instance, ensure that your Sandbox comes assigned with the Free Modelling license.


There is no other better place than the official Sitecore ContentHub documentation. As mentioned each area area in the study guide provides links to the documentation which you must read.

Key tip for you is to read all subsections for a section specified. Where possible, apply and practice this in your sandbox to validate your understanding.

I referred mostly to the the official user documentation here, recorded down notes and practising as I went along:

Take the instructor led course

The instructor led course contains the Professional and Enterprise Mock implementations which contain valuable practical lab exercises that allowed me to apply real world scenarios. It absolutely reinforced my understanding on key learning concepts and understanding the what/why/how particularly around key domain design and implementation principles.This maximises your use of your sandbox and gears up your preparation for the exam.

The key takeaways for me is understanding important basic concepts of domain model design, custom entities with its association and cardinality, configuring administration pages and setting up custom state workflows for your custom entity definitions.


If you find the documentation too dry to start with, or if instruction steps lack clarity (I encountered some sections which were complex for my beginner level) in the Professionalised and Enterprise mock implementations, refer to some useful YouTube Videos. Ones which helped me is below is this ContentHub Admin video collection by Ankit Joshi –

Register for the certification exam

Once you are feeling confident and prepared, go ahead to register for the exam. As a partner of Sitecore, you are entitled to a valid Sitecore voucher code. If in doubt, contact your Sitecore partner representative for confirmation.

This is be available once you have purchased the certification study guide and completed the Introduction, Study Guide and Competency Check.

Voucher Code Generation

Upon generation of the voucher code, copy this somewhere onto a notepad for safekeeping somewhere as this is generated only once.

The voucher will last 3 months from the date of generation.


The Sitecore Content Hub Administrator Certification Exam is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions that are related to the administration of both the Professional and Enterprise implementations of Sitecore Content Hub. You must correctly answer 80% of the multiple-choice questions to pass the exam and earn certification.

Open or closed book?

The Sitecore Content Hub Administrator Certification Exam is closed book. You will not be allowed to refer to notes, study guides, training materials, web searches, Sitecore Content Hub installations, or other software when taking the test on Webassessor.

If you have not signed up, go to the Kryterion Sitecore website to register for an account.

Select a suitable time:

Enter the voucher code which was saved in the previous step.

You will expect to see a zero USD price as you will have purchased this exam along with the Study Guide from the Learning Sitecore portal previously.

Prepare laptop for exam

As for the Kryterion software exam tool itself, you must ensure you have a bare metal laptop that allows installation of the software to run the exam.

The exam is an online proctored and will require enablement of both your camera video and audio to operate during the course of the exam.

I strongly suggest preparing the installation of the software in advanced of your exam schedule and not to leave this at the very last minute.

Use a laptop with minimal security restriction to software installation and hardware feature enablement.

Day of certification

Ensure you allocate a peaceful and non distracting period during the day to take the exam. The exam lasts for a 100 minutes with 50 multiple choice questions. I strongly recommend taking this in the late evening after work. Choose a quiet room with the door closed behind you and alert anyone who is with you that you are taking the exam so they do not accidentally walk in or call out for you. Secondly, remember to switch off your mobile phone or store it away on silent mode. Lastly, take a toilet break (or drink less water) before the exam as you will not have a chance to run out during the course of the exam. Trust me I learnt my lesson from this.

Final tip is to ensure your memory is well fresh and ready to answer the questions. I cannot emphasise more the importance of memorisation to key terminologies and concepts across each competency area. Your documentation and lab exercises are again your best friends in passing the exam.

I hope this helped and I wish you the best of luck.

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